Our bed frame consists of:

A) the metal structure , which consists of a rectangular 40x30x1,4 tube and which is made out of an ST-OK FULL HARD quality plate for high strength and rigidity, instead of the generic material used commonly in the market for its low cost and processing ease (such as bending in common benders etc.).

In single and semi-double (up to 120cm width) bed frames the metal structure is limited only circumferentially, while for widths larger than 120cm bed frames additionally bear in the middle a double metal beam made of a rectangular tube for high resistance to stress.

B) the planking of the above metal frame structure, made of curved wooden boards which are compressed and glued with special adhesives that allow them to behave as plates and to function orthopedically when in use by the human body.

The quality of the wood , the width and the thickness of the boards vary depending on what kind of mattress they support: If the frame is to be used for spring mattresses which offer on their own partial or total orthopedic sustenance to the human body, depending on the method and material of their construction, , then the planking should offer a proportionally progressive resistance to the bending of the boards, i.e. the highest the orthopedic value of the spring mattress, the more rigid the resistance of the planking. Otherwise, the greater the decline (curvature) due to the load on the boards, the more the orthopedic support of the mattress is reduced, thus running the risk of creating a problem to the mattress if the boards give too much way.

In case if the bed frame is intended for use with a thin Latex mattress and the boarding carries the orthopedic function of the frame, then the boards should be more flexible i.e. narrower. Nevertheless, a system of variable board rigidity area must also be in place at the waist area where the human body exercises the most pressure.

This type of planking is typically found in the jointed frames of manual or electric beds or beds that due to restrictions are not compatible with spring or Latex mattresses of high thickness.

Our company, taking into account all of the above, has selected and is offering a wide variety of planking for its bed frames that are intended to be used with spring mattresses and high profile Latex mattresses.

A)”ROYAL” bed frames

“ROYAL” bed frames consist of seventeen (17 +) , depending on the length, sets of orthopedic boards made of beechwood, 62mm wide and 8mm thick (9mm for bed frame widths greater than 170cm) and with a 1116mm total surface coverage. They are intended for use with spring mattresses of very high quality and orthopedic support. For optimal results there is also the possibility of replacing the beechwood boards with Spanish eucalyptus wood ones, which provides the best performance, compared to other wood types, in strength and resilience.Its surface is coated with a sheet of natural cork which, besides offering great aesthetic results, keeps the mattress in place and stops it from slipping, especially on beds whose design is such that the mattress sits on the frame (ie not immersed and immobilized therein). There is also the possibility that the 9mm thick boards are placed in frames wider than 150mm. The gaps between the boards may optionally be 39mm, 30mm & 20mm.

B)”ROYAL” wide planking bed frames

“ROYAL” wide planking bed frames are equipped with (8) sets of orthopedic boards, 163mm wide, 8mm thick and with 1304mm total surface coverage. Made of Spanish eucalyptus wood, its surface coated with a beech film, they are ideal for spring mattresses of special provision and quality, able to provide on their own the required orthopedic support to their user. They supply the desired rigidity to these mattresses, allowing them to offer the best to their user.

C)”ROYAL TOP” bed frames

“ROYAL TOP” bed frames designed to withstand lifetime, offer superior quality and aesthetics, and are the only ones to the only promise complete protection of the mattress for the entire duration of their lives, leaving the mattress unaffected to provide the user with 100% of its potential. It is ideal for single mattresses (spring or Latex) of high quality standards and orthopedics performance.


he orthopedic performance of the boards of an anatomical bed frame when it hosts a 100 % orthopedic mattress should be complementary and intervene when the mattress is exhausted by excessive stress.

Any attempt to overthrow the above relationship, i.e. more flexible planking to take on the role of the mattress, will incur damaging consequences for the mattress and its anatomic qualities.

If, nevertheless, it is not clear to you what is the appropriate bed frame to support the mattress you have selected or your mattress seller offers recommendations but not guarantees, ask them for the specifications of the bed frame that should support the mattress and we will you build it with the same specifications, higher quality materials and methods as well as unbeatable prices.

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