Folding mechanism

The metal frame that consists the main part of the mechanism is painted in an electrostatic painting oven. Then galvanized mesh and springs of European origin are installed. There is the possibility of placing anatomical boards of European origin which are placed with metal nests for great durability.

The product has been tested by laboratory of quality control and complies with the requirements of paragraphs and standards : ELOT EN 1725:1998 and comes with a five year warranty.

Mechanism Dimensions in cm:
Width : 82 , 92, 102 , 112, 122 , 132, 152 & 162
Height at front: 25
Height back : 23

Οι φωτογραφίες προστατεύονται σύμφωνα με το Νόμο Πνευματικών Δικαιωμάτων 2121/93.